Baseball caps (2018 - ongoing)

In the 1980s, artists in the downtown art scene in New York began the strategy of self-branding as a means of breaking into the art market, institutions, and art world at large. Pop up shops that acted as both storefronts and galleries cropped up throughout the Lower East Side, seamlessly merging art and commerce while also bringing art more directly to the public. Taking a note from enterprising and entrepreneurial female artists like Jenny Holzer, Sarah Lucas, and Tracey Emin, Baseball Caps celebrates the womyn artists I love and admire. As a female-identifying artist and curator, I spend much of time researching female artists of various backgrounds, immersing myself in their varied practices, writings, ideologies, and -isms. Concurrently, as an arts-oriented individual, I do not like sports. I just don’t. But I like baseball caps. So why not wear a baseball cap for the team I have long cheered for, womyn artists. Baseball Caps are available for purchase upon request. Half of the proceeds for the Ana Mendieta caps will go towards organizations that support female victims of domestic violence.